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More information about architecture, construction, materials and interior design of a multi-apartment building The Belin House.

01 Main Features


  • Turn-key apartments and moving in with a suitcase
  • Contemporary design
  • Premium construction and materials
  • Spacious apartments
  • Extra high ceilings
  • Corner windows
  • External blinds
  • Spacious terraces
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Bio-climatic vertical pergola on terraces
  • Console wooden staircases in double-floor apartments
  • Two-level galleries in double-floor apartments
  • Fireplaces in double-floor apartments



  • Floor heating
  • Ventilation with recuperation
  • Cooling in all sleeping and living areas – concealed in the lowered ceiling
  • Lighting of living and sleeping areas controlled through DALI regulation system
  • Central induction system
  • Charging units for electric cars for each apartment
  • Electrically controlled blinds
  • Smart installation
  • Communal gas boiler room, private heat exchange stations
  • Remote monitoring of energy consumption
  • Electric radiators in bathrooms
  • Pre-installation for alarm systems
  • Access control for entire facility



  • Lighting of living and sleeping areas controlled through DALI regulation system
  • Mechanical installations
  • Controlled blinds
  • Connected to a weather station – system management based on weather conditions
  • Video door phone
  • Apartment management via smart devices

02 Elite Location

The Belin House is situated in the vicinity of the elite area of Rožna Dolina, at the crossroads of the Cesta na Brdo and Sattnerjeva Ulica streets. The nearby area offers all necessary infrastructure which provides comfortable and pleasant residence: nursery school, primary school, shops, a bank and all other social and transport infrastructure. The facility lies just 500 m away from a hiking path which runs through greenery and nature and leads to the »lungs of Ljubljana«, the landscape park Rožnik and Tivoli park. The location provides quick access to the city centre located just 3 km away, as well as to the South-West motorway junction (2 km).

03 Flawless Architecture

The Belin House is an eight-apartment rectangularly laid-out facility. It consists of the basement, ground floor and two upper floors. The volume decreases with each floor by exclusion of segments from the basic lay-out which creates a lively exterior and discrete external areas on facility terraces. Basement of the facility is intended to be used as a parking area, for storage, and as technical and maintenance area. Ground floor and upper floors are apartments.


The entrance to the facility is accessible from the Cesta na Brdo street, whereas the entrance to the garage in the basement can be accessed via the Sattnerjeva Ulica street. The apartments on the ground floor are single-floor apartments, and those on the first and the second floor are double-floor apartments. Ground floor apartments have terraces arranged on the roof of the basement, and upper floor apartments have terraces on the roof of the ground floor. Its appearance has been meticulously designed with facade details that give the House a unique but at the same time elegant and contemporary look. Light colours and a combination of facade ceramics, classic facade plaster and metal facade additions will be used for the facade of the facility.

04 Quality Construction

The entire Belin House will be a deluxe apartment facility. We work with the best contractors and source out the best materials in order to provide an exceptional final product. The facility is low-energy with reinforced concrete. Thermal insulation on all of the above-ground parts of the facility is fully implemented with stone wool. Fixtures are of high quality, made from aluminium, energy efficient and highly soundproof. Walls between apartments and towards the communal corridor are additionally treated to provide even better sound insulation. Living and sleeping areas come with premium high-end parquet flooring. Large format high-quality ceramics are used on bathroom walls and floors.

05 Spacious Luxury

The Belin House was designed for users who desire exceptional residential comfort at home, enjoy contemporary living, value peace and at the same time appreciate the benefits of an urban environment. The eight available bright, spacious, luxurious apartments with a contemporary design come with spacious terraces and will provide owners with high quality residential comfort. Apartments are connected to a communal underground garage, maintenance and storage areas. Apartments are surrounded by well arranged, aesthetically pleasing areas and greenery which separates communal and private areas.


Apartments are spacious, bright and offer contemporary design. Large window surfaces and external areas give a unique sense of openness and airiness. Living areas are open and connected, expanding out to spacious terraces. Terraces are furnished with outdoor kitchens and bio-climatic pergola. Double-floor apartments are additionally furnished with fireplaces and feel even more spacious due to the two-level galleries.

06 Contemporary Residence

The Belin House technology in apartments ensures an exceptional residential comfort. Apartments are heated with a floor heating system connected to the heat exchange system of each individual apartment. Heat exchange units are connected to the communal gas boiler room in the basement, which means that most of the regular maintenance work can be carried out in the basement and not in apartments. Apartment ventilation is arranged through private ventilation systems, by recovering the heat of the waste air. All living and sleeping areas are cooled with a modern cooling system which comes integrated in the ceiling. Heating, cooling, ventilation and blinds are connected to the weather stations through smart installation, allowing automated system regulation according to current weather conditions.

07 Smart Technologies

Apartments are furnished with the smart installation system of the company GIRA which allows central management of all systems in the apartment and remote management via smart devices. Smart house system allows management of heating, cooling, shading and lighting. Light intensity in living and sleeping areas is regulated with the DALI system. Smart house system allows owners to manage their apartments according to their specific needs and preferences.

08 Privacy Protection

The Belin House is designed with very few joint structural elements and those are additionally treated to provide improved sound insulation. Glass surfaces and terraces are positioned so the residents don’t see or disturb each other and thus greatly increase a sense of privacy. External blinds provide privacy by obscuring views through large glass surfaces. Greenery is used for the same purpose on terraces.

09 High Level of Security

The Belin House is an enclosed compound; the entry is possible exclusively through the access control. All front doors of apartments are burglar proof. All apartments also come prepared for installation of alarm security systems with motion sensors. All apartments are equipped with video door phones. All entrances to facility are fitted with access control. The garage is closed off and can also be accessed exclusively though access control which is additionally used to secure the entrance from the garage into the communal facility corridor.

10 Arranged Outdoor Areas

All apartments have spacious enclosed terraces with ceramics installed. Terraces are fitted with bio-climatic pergolas which allow adjustable shading and when needed, protection from rain. Terraces also come fitted with outdoor kitchens. The surrounding area of the facility is neatly arranged and landscaped. Communal green areas are landscaped with trees and shrubs. A smaller children’s playground is also part of external arrangement.

11 Arranged Communal Areas

The main entrance to the Belin House is from the Cesta na Brdo street. The entrance is fitted with access control and video door phone. There are mailboxes integrated in the facade of the facility outside of the entrance. Communal facility corridors are spacious, neatly arranged, with Terazzo floors. The basement and upper floors are connected with an elevator. The ground floor and the first floor are connected with a beautifully designed Terazzo staircase.


Each apartment is supplied with two parking spaces and an area for storing bikes in the basement. Both parking spaces of each apartment are equipped with a charging unit for charging electric vehicles. Additionally, each apartment is provided a private storage area in the basement. There are also two parking spaces available for visitors in the basement.

12 Move-In Ready Apartments

Each buyer is guaranteed to have their turn-key apartments furnished by accomplished contractors using premium materials and furnishing from the world’s top manufacturers, organised and carried out by the investor of the construction. New owners will be able to arrange apartment interior according to their personal preferences and create a lovely home. All furnishings are high-grade and will be selected conclusively upon an agreement with the final residents. Apartments will come fitted with lighting and sanitary ceramics. Double-floor apartments will also come furnished with fireplaces and pergolas on terraces, along with outdoor kitchens.